Jul 31, 2022 19:25




  1. MetaShooter is the first decentralized blockchain-based hunting metaverse where players can experience real hunting, explore the open world, and earn rewards in the form of NFTs or tokens. MetaShooter is providing Arcade and Strategic types of gameplays with ultra-sharp graphics and a logical ecosystem. 
  2. Each NFT in MetaShooter has in-game utility, a limited supply, and a unique design. In this way, the issued NFT's rarity and value will be well preserved. You can buy/rent the NFTs through Hunters Dashboard.
  3. On May, MetaShooter introduces NFT Mystery Box which can be very valuable for new players. These items will assist players to progress in the game and monetize more effectively compared to others. Each Box consists of rare hunting equipment like skins, guns, vehicles, consumables, etc. In addition, players will get fantastic perks such as hunting season passes, land whitelists, and invitation keys to the Alpha version.
  4. On June, MetaShooter launched the alpha version of the game for Windows and macOS exclusive for NFT Alpha Invitation Key holders. While in the Alpha phase, the primary objectives are to debug the code, test security protocols, and verify that the gameplay and game elements are functioning as planned. In addition to completing bug and feedback forms, participants will also be expected to offer constructive input to the team. In addition to gameplay and fluidity testing, the alpha phase will include a number of unique objectives that will be offered to players. Testers will have the opportunity to compete for a variety of rewards, including cash incentives such as in-game token rewards for first place. Every week throughout the alpha period, a new challenge will be made available to players.
  5. After the alpha release, MetaShooter held its First Mission. During the first month, the team gathered responses from the community through the DAO vote, resulting in a new reward system update. This reflects that the voice of the community in MetaShooter is heard and taken into account by MetaShooters team.
  6. MetaShooter team is a group of senior game developers and artists with more than a decade of experience in the game industry and five of experience working in the crypto space.
  7. At the time of writing, MetaShooter has 94.8K followers on Twitter, 17.8K members on Discord, 43.4K members on Telegram, 3.7K followers on TikTok, and 3.7K subscribers on YouTube. The team responds quite quickly on both Discord and Telegram to questions and problems raised by the community.