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Jul 31, 2022 19:25


MetaShooter is the first decentralized blockchain-based hunting metaverse that joins millions of gaming enthusiasts in a community where they can: Experience real hunting: Play in tournaments, multiplayer, and with stunning visuals with VR compatibility, Hunt & Earn: Receive token rewards by hunting trophies, winning tournaments, and more.


Pegaxy is a Play-to-Earn PVP-style horse racing game where players compete against 14 other racers. Each race has randomized elemental variables which include wind, water, fire, speed, and more. Using strategic upgrades, food, and skill, players must place in the top 3 to earn the platform’s utility token: $VIS (Vigorus).


WonderHero is a Play-to-Earn turn-based RPG with anime-style on iOS and Android platforms where players collect Heroes, Weapons, and equipment. Every Hero in WonderHero boasts unique skills, ultimate skills, and properties that allow it to take on various combat roles, such as a tank role, a support role, an attack role, and combination roles with further customization evolving from the game’s system.


CyBall is a futuristic football-themed (US: soccer), NFT-based game where users can collect and form a team of CyBlocs and face off against other teams online, or trade and mentor new CyBlocs within the CyBall's ecosystem. Initially, the game will launch on BNB Chain with immediate plans to launch on Solana as soon as it is ready to create a multi-chain gaming environment.


Explore the Faraland world and the races living in the continent to find a way to seal Demon Lord Beelzebul. In that journey, players must collect heroes from many different races to overcome tough challenges. Each choice the player makes during a quest can alter the story line and expose your heroes to mysteries and hidden treasures.

The Wasted Lands

The Wasted Lands is a Puzzle Match-3 board mashed up with RPG elements and Post-Apocalypse-themed. It is one of the first blockchain games to be listed on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. It is also available on PC as well.